Festive Woodland Wonderland

Festive Woodland Wonderland at Wide Horizons Environment Centre is a great end of term celebration day for children and teachers!

Start your day with a frosty Christmas woodland walk through the winter leaves and pine forests. Then pass through the wishing tunnel stopping to feed the farm animals as you go, before entering the magical Wide Horizons Woodland Wonderland, where the class can get creative and take part in a variety of different Festive and Christmas-themed art activities.

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There are numerous options when it comes to Christmas art work at Wide Horizons Environment Centre. Many of the options can be mixed and matched together to create a perfect art day for your class.

Here are a few examples:

Mud Faces – Use mirrors to closely observe and then create a self portrait, reindeer, Father Christmas or elf using mud splatted against a tree trunk. Add natural objects found around the grounds.

Environmental Sculpture – Using the famous Environmental Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration, the class are set the challenge of creating large scale pieces of art work using only natural materials. These can be Christmas inspired such as trees, candles, Nativity scenes etc.

Landscape Painting – Use the wonderful natural environments around the centre grounds as inspiration for creating some unique watercolour landscape paintings.

Christmas Papermaking – Recycle paper to make a group piece of paper, adding natural materials to decorate with a Christmas theme.

Soil Painting – Use this unusual medium to create a unique piece of art. Why not select one of our Christmas trees?

Father Christmas Colour Palettes – Using only natural materials found outdoors, such as leaves and petals, the children create a small strip of artwork. These strips are a small natural collage which can then be used to create a further piece of work using chalk pastels to mimic mother nature’s colours. This activity can be extended further by using water colours or chalk pastels to recreate the colours of the natural world.

Seasonal collage – Collect eye-catching materials on a scavenger hunt and then create a collage of a natural structure such as a tree.

We Three Kings Crowns – Collect eye-catching materials on a scavenger hunt and then create a crown to take home

Christmas Cards – Collect some materials from around the grounds and create a Christmas card for the holiday season, using glue or paint to make a stamp.

Pine Cone Painting – Using paint, we will roll these around on paper to create a unique piece of artwork.

This is a very flexible day that can be created to suit the group’s needs. Activities could include woodland storytelling, camp fire with marshmallows and hot chocolate, arts and crafts making recycled wrapping paper, woodland Christmas tree decorations and a lot more! There is also inside classroom space for an end of term festive party.

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