Wide Horizons Adventure Outreach Programme

We believe Adventure Learning can be found everywhere!

What is Adventure Outreach?

Adventure Outreach is highly flexible and can take place in a number of outdoor settings in your locality or at a nearby park centre. It brings classroom subjects to life in a practical setting, increasing children’s understanding of the curriculum.

Taking children outside and providing an experience which is adventurous and child-centred can play a key part in adding value to the teaching inside the classroom, with the aim of increasing a child’s attainment and motivation to learn.

What topics does it cover?

We cover core National Curriculum topics and more including Maths, English, History, Science, Art and Computer Science. Typically sessions include a wide range of activities ranging from map work and orienteering to studying local history, geographical features and wildlife.

Where is it available?

We operate a number of schemes throughout England:

Outreach in Northwest London

Outreach in Walsall

Outreach in Crystal Palace Park and Beckenham Place Park

Outreach in Swanage

For more details click on the links in the table below or get in touch with our team and we’ll put you in touch with your local Tutor.

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And finally..

Whether it’s a corner of a local park or your playground, the Wide Horizons Adventure Outreach Team work with you to make the most of the resources available to you. Our highly experienced team can visit you in school to plan and develop sessions linked specifically to topics, term objectives or school values supporting you with the enrichment of the curriculum and development of your children.