Foundation Stage

The positive impact of Outdoor Education on children between the ages of 0-5 has been heavily documented over the past few years and highlights the importance of introducing  children to learning in an outdoor environment at this critical point of their development.

“Outdoor learning has a big part to play on a child’s well-being and development and is enhanced by an environment that is richly resourced with play materials that can be adapted and used in different ways.”

The Early Years Foundation Stage. (2007), Effective Practice: Outdoor Learning.

Wide Horizons offers a range of fun and interactive activities that support the Early Years Foundation Stage including;


Let your group discover first-hand a variety of natural habitats at our Environment Centres including woodland, ponds and gardens. All of our habitat days can link into your class themes and learning objectives.

Art & Design

We use our scenic locations as inspiration for children to create some fantastic pieces of art work. Using natural materials and our beautiful surrounding landscapes, children can get creative and make their own sculptures or drawings whilst learning about local artists.


Explore the sights, sounds and smells of our picturesque sites and surrounding countryside. Walking through our sensory gardens children will experience the natural world as they never have before.

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