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In 2016 Wide Horizons published its Social Impact Report

Wide Horizons Social Impact Report - The Impact of Adventure Learning

The 2016 Social Impact report, entitled the Impact of Adventure Learning, aims to demonstrate the impact on the nearly 50,000 children who experience adventures each year with Wide Horizons.

The report was launched at London’s City Hall by a number of our supporters including writer and activist George Monbiot, Professor David Hopkins founder of Adventure Learning Schools and Professor of Education at Bolton University, and Caroline Pidgeon (AM).

The study showed that 92% of children saw an increase in their well-being, based on how happy they were when they finished the programme, and 90% of them were found to be more resilient.

It is this combination that the charity understands to be the most useful form a learning and development perspective.

“When children are happy and engaged, they will be in a better position to learn. Their self-esteem will also be boosted through the experience, and when you overlay all of that with the creative and inspirational way you can teach children outdoors it almost becomes an absolutely necessary thing to be doing during time at school”

says Graham Agnew, former Secondary Head and Ofsted inspector and now Wide Horizons Board member.

“In addition, Wide Horizons works hard to support disadvantaged children and so can aim specifically at helping to close the gap in performance at school between them and their peers.”

Wide Horizons works with over 350 schools a year of which three quarters have a higher than national average level of disadvantaged children. 

Professor David Hopkins, founder of Adventure Learning Schools and Professor of Education at Bolton University commented:

“Wide Horizons, with their focus on disadvantaged children and providing them access to this extraordinary way of learning are helping to directly address the issue of child poverty in this country, not just by providing the opportunities for education but then facilitating the improvement in life skills that aim to increase their aspirations and ultimately provide them with better chances in life.”

You can read more in the Social Impact Report here, also see our press release here.