Our Vision

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience Adventure Learning as part of their education and development.

It is incredible to think that;

  • over 35% of the of the child population in London, may never have been to the countryside;
  • and with 4 in 10 children living in poverty in London there is a real need for a low cost, safe, outdoor space for children to go.

Visiting the countryside and experiencing outdoor education is a crucial element of a child’s development and adventure learning is a great catalyst for this.

Our Adventure Learning courses and activities provide stimulating, challenging, fun experiences, helping children to feel good and learn better.

Wide Horizons delivers a range of activities for all age groups of school children, from day centre nature experiences for primary school children, to adventurous activities for older children and young people. Many of these are linked to curriculum topics and can be adapted to suit learning objectives and goals.

We also provide leadership and CPD training to teachers and youth leaders, inspiring them to use the outdoors creatively for teaching.

The development of children is possible when you have the right teachers and leadership with the right environment. We make that happen.

Our Vision

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to experience adventures as part of their education and development.

Our Mission

We will provide support to enable schools and other groups to develop Adventure Learning from early years into adulthood for all children, irrespective of circumstances.

We will seek out and support other organisations, individuals and government initiatives that underpin our own belief that adventure can play a fundamental role in the development and learning of children and young people.

We will campaign for and support initiatives that encourage children to learn and develop using the outdoor environment, nature and adventure.

Our Values

You should endeavour to be as adventurous as you can be in everything you do, in your attitude and your thinking. You should push boundaries and seek developments in new areas.

Environmentally conscious
You should always consider the natural environment as a focus for your work, whether you are teaching or representing the organisation in any capacity. You should always consider the impact that your actions have on the environment.

Honest & open
In everything you do and in all your actions you should be open and honest, fostering a creative and constructive working environment which welcomes feedback.

You should always be striving for a way to improve and develop the organisation through innovative and creative solutions. Through this, we drive change towards better performance and challenge existing methods.

Mission focussed
Everything you do should be in the best interests of Wide Horizons, and for the safeguarding and development of the children that are experiencing Adventure Learning at Wide Horizons.

You should always be looking for opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in a collaborative manner, supporting each other to achieve better outcomes.

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