A crucial part of the Wide Horizons Team is our Partners.

Our work would simply not be possible without the partnerships we form with other like minded companies, businesses and organisations.

Working together we can ensure that as many young people and children have the opportunity to benefit from adventure as possible.

Find out more about the great things we can achieve together.

Corporate Supporters

The impact our corporate supporters have is tangible, demonstrable and far-reaching. We work with over 380 schools, many charities and have a youth/community programme, most of which need support. Our highly experienced team work with companies of all sizes to develop tailored programmes.

Trusts and Foundations

Many Trusts and Foundations, large and small, help us through their support and funding. They all play a vital role in sustaining Wide Horizons work. We are enormously grateful to every one, both past and present.

Adventure Ambassadors

We are privileged to have the support of celebrity ambassadors who are passionate about Adventure Learning, working closely with both the charity and the thousands of young people we see every year.

Adventure Learning Partners

We build long-term relationships with schools, integrating adventure into their curriculum at all levels and working with them to develop a range of adventurous experiences for their pupils, leading to creative sessions and ultimately, educational attainment.


Wide Horizons was formed in 2004 as a result of a joint initiative on the part of the London boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham. We now work with a number of London Boroughs helping to further our reach in to the community.

Becoming a Wide Horizons Partner

If you are interested in finding out more about working with Wide Horizons please get in touch.