Our dedicated staff team is a unique blend of qualified teachers and outdoor instructors. This means that our activities are adventurous, educational and can be designed to meet different learning objectives.

Peter Rogers

Chief Executive

Playing in the park. Climbing trees. Out on our bikes. Camping in the back garden. Going swimming. These were all adventures I had before I was 8 years old. Without any adults, just with my mates. Not because I was special or different, just because that’s what we did. We learned to play, plan, communicate, negotiate, run, dive, cycle, make our own fun. Was it always fantastic? Of course not. We were often bored, so we talked. We argued, fought, made up or made new friends, but we learned and were physically and mentally robust.

If the current generation is going to be kept inside by parents who have been made scared of the world by the press, social media and their own lack of outdoor experience, it is vital that young people still get those adventures to learn from but delivered in a more structured, safer way if necessary. That’s what Wide Horizons does. Provides adventures that educate and build stronger, more resilient young people. Interested? Why not try us? We look forward to seeing you at one of our centres soon.

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John Russell

Chair of Trustees

John Hiking Portrait

I am honoured to be Chair of Wide Horizons trustee board. As a child I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit outdoor centres throughout my education and it changed my life for the better. Throughout my career I have worked as a councillor for London and have seen the positive impact that Wide Horizons’ work can have on children and young people in London.

I would like to thank the following people who make up our trustee board; Toby Farmer, Chris May, Colin Simonds, Graham Agnew, Kitty Warnock, Peter Brooks, Sarah Chapman, Irene Hickford, Sebastian Taylor, Tom Bremner and Rob Hilyer.